SUP Yoga in the Hamptons

Yoga Classes on the Stand Up Paddleboard

As soon as I started paddleboarding eight years ago, I immediately started practicing yoga postures on the board, as it seemed like such a natural thing to do—as a yoga teacher at least 🙂  SUP Yoga classes with JBYoga are an amazing way to experience the ancient practice of Yoga from a fresh perspective. Please know that you do NOT have to be an advanced Yogi or Yogini to check out this super fun and blissful floating Yoga experience. As highly experienced SUP Yoga guides, JBYoga teachers will move you through intelligently designed yoga sequences that strengthen and lengthen the major muscle groups, free the breath, and quiet the mind. While on the water, we will align with ourselves and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Classes may include chanting, meditation, and savasana with our hands resting in the water (ah, sweet surrender!).


JBYoga Signature SUP YOGA Open (all levels) class

A flowing vinyasa sequence progressing from more basic and stable postures to poses such as standing poses, tree pose, arm balances, and even inversions. Transformative and creative sequencing combined with flawless cue-ing and sup board appropriate modifications, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty around you, buyer beware—this practice is addictive. All classes include some pranayama (breath awareness), yoga philosophy or inspiration,  and the sweetest floating Savasana (final relaxation) you have ever experienced.

JBYoga Restorative SUP YOGA (with floating props!)

Designed by the ‘Queen of Restorative’ Roey Ficaro, this transcendent class (often held at the sunset hour), is Restorative Yoga taken to the next level. Floating on your Boga Yoga SUP board, you will be guided through a seamless Restorative Sequence with some longer held and supported poses. Imagine the setting sun, the rising moon, the sound of the birds and other wildlife, the silkiness of the water beneath you, the movement of your breath, the deep release of your body, and the stillness of your mind as you allow yourself to return home to YOU, at your essence, Bliss itself.

JBYoga Beginners SUP YOGA

YES, you can practice Yoga on a  paddleboard. Designed for ALL beginner level students of all ages, shapes, and sizes, you will feel completely supported as we teach you the basics of stand up paddleboarding and standup paddleboard Yoga. How to get on and off the board, how to paddle on your knees, and perhaps stand up, and then we drop anchor or attach to our floating Yoga studio to be guided through a basic yoga sequence. The postures we choose for this class are stable, symmetrical, and typically lower to the ground/water/board for maximum stability and comfort.  Tabletop position, Cat/Cow, MAYBE a Plank and a Downward Facing Dog—this is the perfect introduction for you, the beginner, to enjoy this blissful floating Yoga experience.

All of our SUP YOGA classes are 90 minutes long and include a 15-30 minute easy paddle after which we will drop anchor or connect to our floating yoga studio for the yoga portion of class.

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