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Making the Decision to Create Lasting Change

What wellness initiatives are you working on in your own life? What are your top three health and wellness goals- for yourself, or your family? I can pretty much guarantee that whatever you may be working on, there’s an oil that can help. I consider myself a ‘solutions provider’, and would be honored to work with you to create some very real and profound change. It only takes a single step in a different direction to create lasting momentum. Perhaps in the same way that you discovered yoga—beginning your journey for an issue such as stress relief or weight loss or recovery from injury and then discovered so much more, so it is with these powerful plants. Allow me to get you started. When you create your own account with doTERRA, you not only get wholesale prices for an entire year (25% off retail), but you join a community of people (myself included) committed to changing the world, one drop at a time. Unlimited education and support will be provided. You can’t say that about ordering a bottle of peppermint oil on Amazon!

Other Details About Your Wholesale Account

There are several ways to get started. Choose an enrollment kit from the options below, OR click this link to go to my doTERRA website and simply choose the option to become a wholesale member. You will pay a $35 membership fee and can then add individual oils and other products into your cart. (The enrollment kits WAIVE the $35 membership fee but you can get started in any way you like!)

There is no requirement to do anything past your initial enrollment kit or oils. You may simply order once and never again (although that would be silly :). To add more oils into your collection, and/or explore the other super high quality products that doTERRA has to offer, you can: choose a ONE TIME ORDER OR, set up an LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program).

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program? The LRP is truly the most intelligent way to get the most benefit out of your doTERRA membership. No minimum required, this is a monthly order that is fully editable and can be cancelled at any time. The great thing is that EVERY time you order, you get a percentage of your order BACK IN POINTS (like a frequent flyer program), as well as other perks, free oils, and more.

After creating your account, you will receive a welcome email from me and other surprises, and we will schedule a call to answer any questions you have and discover the beauty of bringing these oils into your home!

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