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About 25 years ago, at the same time I had embarked on my yoga journey, I became extremely interested in the power of plant medicine, i.e. essential oils. If I wasn’t taking or teaching classes at the original Jivamukti Yoga Center in the East Village, or tending bar at The 10th Street Lounge, you could find me at a little hole in the wall essential oils shop, spending all of my teaching and bartending cash on small amber glass bottles of the most deliciously potent smelling concoctions. I was intrigued by the many benefits of lavender oil, chamomile, camphor, tea tree, and others… and would take my oils home and pore through my newly purchased aromatherapy books, creating my own blends for everything from muscle aches from all of the intense yoga I was practicing, to facial oils to stay youthful (although I was only 21 at the time!).

Essential Oils for Life

Fast forward many years, and I have once again started turning to these powerful oils—for myself and my own health, wellness, and beauty, to my children for alertness and energy while they do their homework, to a restful sound sleep at night. Through research and through the inspiration of some friends and colleagues in the yoga world, most notably the one and only Elena Brower, I have joined the company dōTERRA in order to use, and share these oils and all of their amazing benefits.

In our home now, dōTERRA essential oils provides us with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products; we have had a ‘green’ home for many years, and the dōTERRA products have been a beautiful complement to our other eco-friendly products for everything from laundry to cleaning to brushing our teeth.

You may use this link to purchase your dōTERRA oils as a wholesale customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future if you wish. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of dōTERRA oils in your home or wellness office, or consider a business as part of our growing team contact me to find out more!


Building Your Own Business

You may also consider building a business with dōTERRA, by becoming a Wellness AdvocateI personally have never been a salesperson in my entire life and truly could not fathom being part of a network marketing company, but from what I know of this company, their integrity, and from the people I have seen gaining financial freedom and abundance through sharing something that is of such high quality and empowering people to take their health and wellness into their own hands, I am all in. Without any commitment on your part I invite you to contact me to discuss further and to receive a free 30 min consult to discuss your health and wellness goals and how oils can help.

With love, abundance, and in good health,
Jessica Bellofatto