JBYoga Appreciation

“JByoga’s SUP yoga training was an unbelievable experience. Jessica and her team are not only knowledgeable, they are passionate and inspirational and they exuded this amazing positive energy through everyone. It was truly an unforgettable weekend and I left the program on such a high. I am so grateful and thankful for this training.”

Jamie Gorman
SUP Yoga Teacher Trainee, 2017

Whether you are looking to deepen your practice personally or professionally (or both) a weekend with Jessica and her team will leave you inspired and fulfilled. I took away new understandings of water safety and adventure. I also recommend taking this program as an opportunity to connect with others and the environment, while reconnecting with the self in mind, body and soul.

Priscilla Cerdas
Mental Health Counselor, Registered Movement Therapist

“I think it’s five years now I have been returning for the Tulum, Mexico retreat. I look forward to this time in February every year for what is, in my opinion, the best winter yoga week available anywhere. The yoga schedule coincides nicely with the many other activities on hand and, while no walk in the park, this program is basically a time of relaxation and is replenishment. I highly recommend Jessica for yoga instruction and retreat fun, she knows how to make it all work!”

Peter Turino
Repeat Tulum Retreat Attendee

“I have known Jessica Bellofatto since she became certified from Jivamukti many years ago. She has always been a gifted teacher and an inspiring spirit. She was always the epitome of a yogini, which is why I chose her to represent my nuala yoga inspired clothing line for our first catalogue. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. I continue to learn from her every time I am in her presence and I am grateful for the opportunity always.”

Christy Turlington Burns
Super Model, Entrepreneur & Human Rights Activist

“A yoga practice exists to anchor you in the here and now while reminding you of your greatest potential spiritually. As a result of that reminder, the body gives way to incremental moments (inches really) that provide enormous pathways of possibility. When I met Jess I hadn’t done a handstand in 22 years, i hadn’t contemplated the splits in even more. I had given up what I thought my numerical age allowed. Jess reminded me that who we are and what we are are defined by practice and faith and belief in possibility. As I remembered what it was to do a backbend and a headstand, so I also remembered and discovered not only who I am, but who I am meant to be. Only a great teacher can provide a light to that path. And Jess is and has always been for me a great teacher. A reminder of my spiritual being and a true beacon of joy.”

Deborah Spera
President of The Mark Gordon Television Company. Exec Producer of Criminal Minds, Army Wives and Reaper.

“Teacher Training with Jessica and Lois has been a great gift to myself. I had originally intended to take only the first three weekend immersion courses, but my practice deepened so quickly, and I was so excited to be learning all aspects of yoga, that I realized it would be a missed opportunity to not take the full course. Even though my current plans do not include teaching, the personal benefits are immeasurable—It is not a coincidence that with a deepening of my practice and knowledge, especially of pranayama and the spiritual side of yoga, I was finally able to quit smoking—an addiction I had struggled with for years. Having recently explored classes at several yoga studios in the city, my eyes were very much opened. It was clear to me that had I embarked on a program elsewhere, I would likely never had made it beyond a few weeks—such is the difference in teaching quality and style of Jessica and Lois, for which I am grateful and very much credit for where I am at now in my practice.”

Mark Lewis
Teacher Trainee 2015

“In a sky full of Yoga stars, Jessica’s shines most brightly. She is a natural teacher of Yoga in all its aspects and her classes are rare, perfectly formed gems. Afterwards, I always feel satisfied and am always hungry for more.”

Giulio Martini

“I cannot tell you what a difference starting this practice has made in my life. I’ve always felt like my body was a very loosely held-together bag of bones that never quite worked together the right way with no strength, no unity, even back when I was a teenager dancing 6-8 hours a week. Since starting the practice my body is becoming a strong and working whole. To get to walk around in it is really becoming a pleasure. The chance to focus in that way, to remain calm in the face of exertion, to have my mind and body so completely engaged in the same action, my time in that room is gift. And for once I don’t hate myself for my body’s shortcomings and can meet the challenging parts of the practice with gratitude for the opportunity it gives me. I see how I’ve progressed and the sense of accomplishment has been so important for me.

Jessica, I’m sure you know, but you are such a gifted teacher. Your instruction is so deep, so thorough, so focused, so smart. I’m so grateful that I was led to the opportunity to work with you. The work you offer is nothing short of a blessing. Thank you for making the space for me and welcoming me to the practice… See you in class!”

Sigrid Benedetti
Catering Manager, Honest Restaurants

“Jessica, You have no idea what kind of positive impact you made on me. I adored your personality and your amazing skills as a yoga teacher, we were very fortunate that we met you and your family and all the nice yogis we got to know in Tulum. My first yoga class here in Boise was almost a shock, I missed your voice and your energy. I will definitely always look into your schedule for your yoga retreats and make sure I will join you again. Thanks again for a fabulous week at Amansala.”

Barbara Demetz
Tulum, Mexico, 2015

“The only thing I didn’t like about this trip was that it had to end! Jessica is a fabulous teacher and I loved all of the personalized attention she’s able to give with a group of this size. In four days, I became more confident in my yoga skills than I have in the last few years. The location for the retreat is absolutely unbeatable and the food was delicious; this will definitely not be the last time I go on one of Jessica’s retreats!”

Amanda Jesenof
Rincon, Puerto Rico, 2015

“Thank you ALL for a memorable, super fun experience, with so many lessons Grace and Paige can take with them. (Courage, challenge, grace, patience, balance, strength to name a few.) Until next year… Happy rest of summer!!”

Shevaun Teevan

“I have attended several of Jessica’s yoga retreats over the years. Each time, I emerged with a rising feeling of power, a clarity in my heart and an unmistakable sense that I WISHED I didn’t have to wait until next year to experience this again. I also left with some profound connections and life changing experiences. Sitting here and reflecting on my commitment to yoga, I realize over these past few years that at some point I stopped trying to control every single thing that happened and I gained a deep trust in my own intuition, granting myself the permission to just be.”

Shira Barzilay
Regular JBYoga Retreat Attendee

“Thank you so very much for such a wonderful SUP Yoga experience! I was so looking forward to the weekend course and it was greater than I anticipated. I was extremely impressed with the level of experience and professionalism that both you and Jessica demonstrated.”

Rita-Marie Murphy
SUP Yoga Teacher Trainee, 2015

“Thank you so much for creating this amazing camp for girls! McKenzie had the best time and just couldn’t wait for camp each day! She was so happy and relaxed with such a great group of girls and instructors. She is begging me to enroll her in the next session!”

Gail Simons

“Sadie loved it. It was a great experience for us. Thank you!”

Libby Lattanzio

“Fairleigh had an awesome time! She can’t wait to come back for more!”

Anne Stewart

“Thank you, Jessica. Dylan had the best time ever. Truly a wonderful experience!”

Caroline Cashin
Truth Training, East Hampton

“Some yoga classes teach stretching, and some relaxation, and some exercise; Jessica Bellofatto’s classes are up to something else. Whether discussing the greater trochanter with a dancer’s precision, or the challenge of a handstand with a mother’s firm encouragement toward risk, or the peace in practice with the faithful clarity of a true teacher, Jessica is a light in any room she enters. ‘Shining, yet hidden, Spirit lives in the cavern,’ says the mundaka upanishad; beside this teacher’s modesty lives her knowledge of the integrity of body and soul. Upanishad is sometimes translated to mean ‘to sit near,’ to begin to know the secret of what this life is; it’s a rare and precious opportunity to sit near and to practice with Jessica.”

Private Yoga Client

“I had been going on a yearly yoga retreat with Jessica (and Lois the first year) for a few years. Each time, I emerged with a rising feeling of power, a clarity in my heart and an unmistakable sense that I WISHED I didn’t have to wait until next year to experience this again…. When an email arrived in August of 2012 announcing a teacher training in East Hampton with Jessica & Lois. My first reaction was, “I don’t want to be a teacher, but 10 weekends of instruction and hands-on practice, now that may be even better than a one week retreat!” I knew I wanted to invest in the deepening of my practice, because as anyone who commits to yoga can say—it is the answer. I can not compare my time spent on my mat to anything else, and now with the knowledge I have gained—bringing it into my daily life—driving the kids around, washing the dishes, dealing with people—has made all my interactions and life work so much better. If you are considering this teacher training, go with your gut, trust yourself, invest in yourself. Doing so will take you to new heights. Trust Jess & Lois. Don’t underestimate you.”

Shira Barzilay
Student, Teacher Training Program 2012

“Dear Jessica, I am so full of gratitude for this past weekend and for my relationship with you. This weekend was incredible. It was so powerful to be in your company. You set an example of what it is possible. You are such a wonderful role model. The experience helped to rekindle my determination to work hard and nurture my practice. I have been on a journey to find my spiritual apex through yoga while creating a sustainable business. This goal often seems like an impossible dream. Watching you gave me renewed hope and I am very grateful. I can’t imagine what my adult life would have been like if I had spent the weekend with the likes of you when I was in my 20s, 30s… You should be very proud of yourself and hopefully you recognize the impact you are having on many many women. I love you! Thank you for your generosity and inclusivity.”

Paula Didonato
SUP Yoga Teacher Trainee, 2015

“I had thought about doing a yoga teacher training program for several years, but I always found reasons to not go for it. I kept making excuses, either money concerns or it wasn’t the right time. Then a friend of mine told me about the program that she just did at KamaDeva Yoga and encouraged me to look into it. After doing a bit of research on other programs around Long Island I decided on KamaDeva because of the weekend schedule and the amazing teachers I was so eager to learn from. What I have learned from this program has been so beneficial in helping me grow on and off my mat. I cannot speak highly enough about the teachers. Jessica and Lois make an amazing team, perfectly complementing each other with their strengths and areas of expertise. It’s incredible how knowledgeable they both are! The program really focuses on proper alignment and understanding the anatomy that goes into each pose. I think differently about my approach to every pose now. Rather than just going through the motions they teach us the fundamental alignment principles to get the most out of each pose. They also have really highlighted the philosophical and historical background of yoga which has given me a broader understanding of yoga as a whole practice, not just exercise. In addition to the poses and history, they teach us how to teach, which is probably most important of all. The balance in teaching about the physical as well as philosophical and academic areas of yoga has given me a rich and well-rounded education. I highly recommend this program and would take it again in a heart beat.”

Caroline O’Neill

“I just spent a week at a yoga retreat lead by Jessica Bellofatto in Tulum, Mexico. AMAZING almost sums it up. It was my first of hopefully many more. I went alone and was the oldest. Yet, I never felt it in the best possible ways. The staff at Amansala was spot on and the food was healthy and delicious.

Jessica and Iris are extremely experienced. The constant hands on attention was such a plus. Jessica is the best instructor I’ve ever experienced in my 20+ yrs. of yoga. Although, I just met them it was as though I’d known them for years.

The ocean being feet away and the additional excursions between yoga and eating was a win-win. Did I say I loved it!? What a wonderful way to meet new women of like mindedness of all ages. Thank you Jessica for your devotion and attention to detail. See you next year!”

Robbie Luitjen
Tulum, Mexico, 2015

“When I heard about the yoga teacher training being offered by Jessica Bellofatto and Lois Nesbit, a little voice inside said “Do it!” I had never contemplated taking a yoga teacher training course but was a regular at KamaDeva and interested in taking my practice to another level. Taking the yoga teacher training was an incredible experience and the connections I made with my fellow trainees will last a lifetime. I am now on a path to teach yoga privately to people 50+ and to teach chair yoga, something I would never have imagined for myself. I’ve even started teaching a class at KamaDeva Yoga. Whether you believe you will eventually teach or not, taking this training is an extremely rewarding experience on many levels. It will enrich your life!”

Emily Herrick
Trainee, 2012 Program

“This trip gave me the opportunity to focus on myself, my yoga, and find an inner peace I needed. It was fun, full of adventure, sunsets, delicious food and a gifted yoga instructor with a wonderful laugh!”

Megan Toufexis
Rincon, Puerto Rico, 2015