Yoga & SUP Summer Camp for Kids

Four-Day Yoga and SUP Adventures in The Hamptons!

Offered to three different age groups as four-day adventures during July and August, our camps include four hours of daily activity on land and water—guaranteed to enthrall, exhilarate and exhaust! Girls of all levels will explore movement and mindfulness while practicing yoga and learning to stand up paddle. Falling in and enjoying the splash will be part of the fun. Those who have never stepped on a SUP will experience a new freedom and a joyous sense of empowerment as they learn to glide across the water under their own steam. Girls who are already fearless on the board will improve their skills, and gain confidence in their technique. An energizing yoga class before our time on the water, or a calming restorative session after our float-and-swim will compliment our amphibious adventures!

Summer 2018 Camp Dates

Each camp will run for four days, Monday through Thursday*, from 11:00am-3:00pm in Sag Harbor. Placement is limited to ten kids per camp—overseen by two camp counselors. Age groups and dates are outlined below. Cost: $550 per child, per week. Note that discount codes may not be used towards camp. * Week July 3-7, 2017 will be Monday-Friday, with Tuesday off to accommodate 4th July.

Please allow a few moments for the schedule to load.

The Girlafesto

I am a girl.
Bright, able, outspoken, softspoken, serious, spirited, adventurous, curious, and strong.
I am me.  I follow.  I lead.  I learn.  I teach.
I change my clothes, my hair, my music, and my mind.
I have a voice that speaks, ideas to stand on, and a world to step up to.
I matter.  And so does she.
She may look different and talk different,
but she is like me.
She is a girl.
And together we will rise up.
Because while we are strong, together we are stronger.
And together, our voices will change our world.
You see a girl.
We see the future.